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See what people are saying about working with Monica!!

“Working with Monica is like going for ice cream and just being joyous at the amount of colors and textures and qualities of the potential layers you could get. She brings so much life to a rehearsal process and is so darn courageous at every impulse she takes. Not only is she committed to her practice as an artist, but she brings a level of care to each person she interacts with. Monica bursts with passion, respect for others and has an innate thoughtfulness about her. In short, she’s everything humanity needs right now!” 

- Kevin Jesuino, Devised Theatre Director

Monica Gate-091_edited.jpg

“Many of the laughs from the audience were caused by the astonishing Monica Gate[…], playing the characters of Weeds/Madam Balaklava[…]. Gate consistently impressed the audience with her incredible performances. From accent to stature, Weeds and Madam Balaklava differ greatly, but are both intensely comedic. When switching between characters, Gate never missed a beat. With her convincing accents and strong portrayal of character, she managed never to switch up her characters accidentally; fluidly transitioning with every scene in which she was present.”

- Grayson King, Edmonton Journal Cappies

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